Natural dog treats from Green&Wilds. Nutritious dog treats from The Innocent Pet Company.

To treat, or not to treat?

Written by Hollie Williams, founder of Lawoofs of Devon

We love treats 

Our Green & Wilds treats have been so popular, we've had to put in an extra order this week as they are flying off the shelves!
We are also really excited to be expanding our selection by launching a new range of nutritious and healthy treats by The Innocent Pet Company to give you even more options.

This made us think about what types of treats you're feeding your dog's.
There are so many options out there, and we must admit our resident taste taster, Otis, has probably tried them all!


Origin Story 

As a puppy Otis was very sensitive when it came to food, he was keen to eat anything within nibbling distance, but this often resulted in him being poorly.
We watched him like a hawk to make sure he didn't steal any unidentified morsel from the gutter, but he still got poorly. Eventually we realised the culprit was the treats we were thinking we were spoiling him with. Spoiling his digestion more like!

After much discussion, and hours of tireless internet research, we ended up cutting out many things from his diet. In doing so we organically moved towards grain free, natural, and healthy treats and that's when we stumbled across Green & Wilds and The Innocent Pet Company.
Both British brands, we were excited about the selection of flavours they had on offer, all made from 100% natural ingredients. Simple, honest, healthy treats that we didn't have to be worried about feeding to our delicate tummied pup.


How do you choose the right treat for you?

How do you decide on the best snack for your four legged friend? Are you more concerned over ingredients, or price? Do you prefer completely natural, sustainably sourced products, or mass produced? Are you a stickler for grain free, or raw?

We'd love to hear more about what's important to you when it comes to what dog treats you favour, so why not get in touch and let us know your experience in choosing the right treats for your dog

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