Sleeping with sheep - How to give your dog a restful night's sleep.

Sleeping with sheep - How to give your dog a restful night's sleep.

There are many different types of beds out there, cotton, tweed, recycled plastic, polyester, donut, box, mattress, raised, plastic or cushioned, the list goes on and on.

But there is also a list of must haves most dog owners have when choosing a bed, primarily focusing around how durable and easy to clean it is.

That's exactly where sheepskin becomes a brightly shining star in the field of dog beds.



The natural oils in wool fibres repel water, dust and dirt. Which makes it resistant to the growth of bacteria that causes mould & mildew.

Lanolin, which naturally occurs in sheepskin, creates a waxy coating on the wool's fibres which cause it to repel moisture and dirt, so its surprisingly easy to keep clean. Simply vacuum once a week, and spot clean any small spills with a damp cloth.

Sheepskin is also naturally resistant to bed bugs and dust mites. Because it wicks any excess moisture away, bacteria are less likely to grow. Additionally, the lanolin makes sheepskin hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial to boot.

The ideal material if you have any asthmatics, or allergy sufferers in your household.



Being leather, sheepskin is incredibly durable, even standing up against your standard doggy rough and tumble play.

Thick, strong and durable, sheepskin beds are made to last, and with the right care will last you a lifetime.

But there is so much more to be said about this wonder material!



Most people relate sheepskin with winter, and you would be right, it sure is excellent at keeping you warm, but did you know it's actually great in the height of summer too?

Sheepskin is breathable, allowing air to freely circulate through the wool's fibres.

That air then gets trapped forming little pockets which help to regulate the temperature of the wool, by drawing heat away from the surface and into the heart of the fibres and consequently keeping your dog perfectly warm in winter and cool in summer.



Not to mention that the lanolin in sheepskin is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, coupled with the truly soft and giving nature of the materiel, it’s perfect for elderly and arthritic doggos, soothing and supporting their inflamed and sensitive joints.



When you run your hands over sheepskin the first thing you will notice is the lavish softness. It feels super silky and luxurious. It's extremely tactile, soothing and calming to touch making it the ideal den for anxious pups.



Finally, being a by-product of sheep farming it's a sustainable product and completely bio-degradable too. Great news for your dog, your wallet and the planet!

The only thing really left to say, is what are you waiting for?

Head to our store now to get your hands on an amazing one of a kind sheepskin bed, handmade from recycled materials.

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