Large dog wearing a Ruff & Tumble Country Dog Drying Coat (French Navy)

Shining star brand of the week - 11th Feb 2021

Written by Hollie Williams, founder of Lawoofs of Devon

Shining Star

This week's shining star brand has to be Ruff & Tumble! 

Based in Norfolk, Ruff & Tumble are another British brand, founded from a love of dogs and a true understanding that the happiest dogs are often the dirtiest dogs! 


What makes Ruff & Tumble so good?

Ruff & Tumble drying coats are made from towelling, which unlike man-made fabrics, breathes, and is much more comfortable and efficient at drying. Another major difference about Ruff & Tumbles Drying Coats is that they use two layers of towelling. The under-layer wicks away the moisture from the dog’s fur while the body heat then pushes the moisture through to the outer layer of the coat, thus ensuring that the dog does not sit in a damp towel.

The dog dries first, followed by the coat which dries itself from the inside out whilst being worn. This makes the Ruff And Tumble Drying coat more effective at drying than single layered coats. 

There is a lot of tailoring in the Ruff & Tumble coats too: clever darts and tucks ensure the coat fits snugly like a proper dressing gown for your pup, while looking stylish too.


Director recommended

Here at Lawoofs we absolutely love the Drying Coats. Our Director of Cuddles and chief product tester, Otis, stringently put them to the test. Even the muddiest puddles were no match for the drying power, comfort, and style of the Ruff & Tumble range.

Click HERE to head on over to the shop to check out the Ruff & Tumble line

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