Choosing the right bed for your dog

Choosing the right bed for your dog

Choosing the right bed for your dog

Donut beds, nest beds, mattress beds… when picking the perfect bed for your pooch, the choice may feel overwhelming. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Here’s our guide to selecting the right bed for your furry friend.


We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep, and for your pup, it’s no different. That’s why it’s important to check out the materials used to create the bed. After all, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable, durable, and washable.
Let’s give you some examples.

Being strong yet soft and machine washable, cotton beds are a no-brainer. They not only look fabulous in your home, but your pup is sure to love it.
If you want to check out a cotton bed, look no further than our Mutts & Hounds Flint Stripe Box Bed.
Made from premium brushed cotton, the bed is soft to the touch, easy to care for and looks great in any home.

Only the best for your pampered pooch, right? If luxurious comfort is what you’re looking for, a timeless tweed is sure to be the ultimate go-to for your dog. Check out our Heritage Tweed Box Dog Bed; made in Somerset with only the best 100% pure virgin wool from the Outer Hebrides, this high-quality bed will tick all your boxes.

If you are big on sustainability, why not go for something made from recycled materials? Our Adriatic Eco Dog Bed is a stylish choice for you eco-warriors, made from strong recycled polyester fabric and packed with recycled polyester fibre. With this bed, you can be sure that you’re doing your bit for the environment – whilst not compromising on comfort. Plus, it’s fully machine washable!


We’ve already touched upon the various choices when it comes to choosing the right shape bed for your dog.

Donut beds are the latest trend in the dog bed world; not only do they bring a more contemporary feel to your home, but dogs just love to snuggle up to them! Because of this, if your pup is particularly anxious, it may be the shape to go for. Check out our Mutts & Hounds Watercolour Donut Dog Bed; sure to add some colour into your home, the bed is 100% cotton, super comfy and we even have matching items for your dog and home!

An alternative to donut beds are cave beds. Also great for dogs with anxiety, these beds feature a hood, meaning your pup can tuck right in!

If it is a more traditional look you are after, box beds may be the appropriate choice. This shape is ideal for pooches who love to curl up, the raised sides of the bed giving an all-comfort feel and sense of safety.
We have a range of box beds available, including the premium Bengal box bed by Project Blu

A final option is a mattress bed. Shaped like a – you guessed it – mattress, this bed is great for dogs who like to sprawl out. A great option for a mattress bed is our Danube Eco Dog Bed Mattress, which combines pawfect comfort with sustainable materials.


Last but not least, size is a major consideration when selecting a bed for your dog. If too large, your pup may find it difficult to settle. Too small… well, the consequences of this is obvious!
When ordering a bed, make sure you always check out the size guide. For our beds, we try to provide as much information as we can to help you, including measurements and the appropriate breed of dog for each size. If you are unsure, it is always better to ask too.

Best of luck choosing a bed for your dog! If you like our tips, why not share on social media?

Guest blog author Megan Armstrong ACIM 
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